Pedagogical Development Committee

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The Pedagogical Development Committee (PDC) has created this site as a resource for Writing Program Faculty. It contains links to an archive of teaching materials (password protected), equity and inclusion resources, newsletters, an occasional blog, and more general resources.

The goals of this website align with the charge of the PDC committee, which is to create opportunities and resources that support the teaching of writing, including:

  • the development and launch of a database of shared teaching materials geared to the new C1/C2 outcomes; 
  • the promotion of publishing and conference opportunities;
  • the promotion of publishing and conference opportunities;
  • the fostering of pedagogical development opportunities (reading circles, brown bag presentations, workshops); 
  • and the creation of mentoring/orientation for faculty at multiple points in their careers. 

The Pedagogical Development Committee will also collaborate as needed with other Writing Program committees.

“Dedicated teachers know failure as well as the quiet sense of accomplishment that results from a student’s victory over a persistent writing problem.” — Erika Lindemann, A Rhetoric for Writing Teachers, p. 3

Committee Members

Brenda Sanfilippo (Chair)

Tiffany Wong

Amy Vidali

Lisa Schilz

Ingrid Moody Lariviere

Denise Silva

Amy Vidali, PhD
Associate Teaching Professor and PDC Webmistress

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